Closing the winter season 2018-2019!

Ski resort Gvozdoff. Closing the winter season!

Here is the end of the season of winter active pastime in our complex. The winter season is over. March 3 is the last working day. From March 4, the Gvozdoff ski slopes are closed.

Thanks to all our guests and friends for the fact that together with you you were able to enjoy the wonderful winter and get a lot of pleasant memories from skiing, snowboarding and snowboarding. We want to wish you even more interesting and impressive during the active rest in our complex during the warm period of the year.

Do not be upset! In the air it already smells in the spring, and when going out into the street, it rents the roof of positive emotions. The lungs can not get saturated with this spring-long oxygen that has long been forgotten! We do not close the door, and we change skis and snowboards for bicycles, roller skates and walking walks along the paths of the hospitable forest.

We do not say goodbye, and say: “To the new meetings, Friends” We are waiting for you.
Gvozdoff We create the warmest memories.

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