Gvozdoff complex: a summer full of life

For an urban man accustomed to the gray asphalt of the stone jungle, a summer vacation at Gvozdoff will seem like a journey to another planet.

We do not have a ready-made recipe for a perfect holiday, but each guest will find something unique for himself: a personal impression that will forever remain a warm memory.

Oasis near Kiev

The original beauty of the complex invites you to plunge into colorful world of Ukrainian nature. The vast territory covered with forest plantations, picturesque lake and green paths, ideal for hiking and cycling.

It is impossible to describe in words the purity of the air, the beauty of the dawns and the freshness of the green trees, but once you have experienced all this in vain, you want to return here endlessly many times.

Outdoor Activities

For lovers of active family holidays, Gvozdoff offers well-equipped football fields, tennis courts and playgrounds.

On the territory of the complex there are rental points: scooters, bicycles, hoverboards and electrical equipment for riding. We have experienced instructors who will help get up on roller skates or skate.

Here you can learn how to play tennis, and for the first time your child will launch a kite into the sky!

Province Hotel Restaurant

Time flies in the complex and if you decide to stay in this paradise of provincial serenity, then our hotel is at your service.

Each room is decorated in its own unique style, but the overall atmosphere of the “Province” refers to a conservative aesthetics and encourages you to live slowly: enjoy every moment!

Holiday together! </ h3>
Birthday, children’s party, wedding or a bright corporate event can be the main events of the year.

The unsurpassed chef of our restaurant will delight with exquisite dishes, both adult and children’s menu. Delicious food, fresh air and excellent organization create the very atmosphere of summer carelessness.

Are you in love and preparing for the main event in your life? Let your wedding day be the most romantic, full of pleasant surprises, tenderness and love. Entrust the organization of the holiday to us and be sure that everything will be perfect!

In this sense, all the Gvozdoff team are real wizards. We make our dreams come true by transferring the holiday from the calendar sheet to the heart of every guest!

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